Here’s my gripe with garlic crushers. Half the garlic gets stuck in the goddamn thing, and the time spent digging out the flesh probably equates to the time spent chopping them up manually anyway. For a recipe that calls for 3 cloves of garlic, you’ll end up using 5 including…
Yeah, well… I’ve missed two days of #25daysofTheTHReader already. Tremendous.
Given the month long hiatus, I figure why not bounce back and commit to a post a day leading up to Xmas, for absolutely no goddamn reason at all.
A list of my favourite smells in no particular order.
The “Florida Man Challenge” is circling social media at the moment.
I get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction
On a scale of avid reader to someone who does not read at all, I’m in the middle.
I stole dad’s Dunhill blues first.
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